We make autonomy software systems for autonomous vehicles in a wide variety of deployments. Selenium, our new autonomous control system can work in pedestrianised environments as well as roads and motorways, and is not reliant on GPS to operate – meaning it can easily transition between indoor and outdoor settings, over ground or underground. The system has been developed to be “vehicle agnostic” – meaning it can be applied to cars, self-driving pods (e.g. for campuses and airports), and warehouse truck fleets.

Our autonomy know-how (literally) drives the majority of the winning bids of the UK’s Driverless Car Challenge.  We are deploying our Selenium autonomy system to eight shuttle vehicles in Greenwich, London as part of the GATEway project – and will enable public demonstrations of these autonomous shuttles for a six-month operational trial starting early 2017.

Oxbotica was founded by Prof. Ingmar Posner and Prof. Paul Newman – leaders of Oxford University’s Mobile Robotics Group (MRG). Oxbotica was incorporated in 2014 and singled-out early by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top ten EMEA technology startups in 2015.  MRG has an outstanding reputation for innovation and industrial collaborations (mrg.robots.ox.ac.uk). We have licensed navigation software for use on Mars rovers, developed the UK’s first self-driving car, and have been a key and influential innovator in the area of Robotics and Autonomous Systems.  Oxbotica will leverage the innovative and world leading outputs of the UK’s premier mobile robotics group, enabling rapid commercialisation with our industry partners and further application of spin-off technologies.