What We Can Do

The world will be transformed beyond recognition by autonomous vehicle technologies.

The way we move people and goods will change forever. Software is the beating heart of this transformation. To survive and build compelling, competitive market positions, companies will need to adopt world leading autonomous vehicle technologies.

Oxbotica enables vehicles autonomy by engineering the software that drives them, with total freedom from external infrastructure dependency. Our software brings autonomy to all vehicles, in all places at all times.

This is Universal Autonomy.

Oxbotica’s autonomy platform provides software to bring autonomy to any industry.

Offering sensor choice freedom, low-compute requirements and independence from any and all external infrastructure (including GPS and third-party HD maps), our stack is unique in the world. Compact, fast, multi-modal and self contained.

We’ve deployed in a plethora of places; from mines to ports, roads to warehouses and from airports to forests. We can do this because we used our deep understanding of the autonomy problem to build the system from the ground up. 

We partner with global companies to build an autonomous infrastructure, support business growth and expand horizons. We want our partners to fully realise the potential of autonomy; we collaborate to create an ecosystem big enough to address the huge opportunities autonomy offers.

Universal autonomy is simpler and closer than you think.

If you feel there is a place for autonomy in your business, then you’re probably right.

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