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  • Sally Giammatteo, Program Manager (Off-road)

    8th March 2021

    Sally Giammatteo, Program Manager (Off-road)

    Sally always thought she would follow in her dad’s footsteps, however a last minute decision in her adolescence saw her take a different path and she hasn’t looked back since.

    Read more about her journey, what makes her proud to be a woman in STEM and how Oxbotica has supported her during her recruitment and onboarding experience.

  • Marina Magnabosco, Product Manager L4 Autonomous Delivery

    11th February 2021

    Marina Magnabosco, Product Manager L4 Autonomous Delivery

    From building dollhouses in her childhood, to now building the vehicles of the future, Marina followed her dreams of pursuing a career in STEM and didn't let anything stand in her way.

    Read more about Marina's journey into the world of engineering below.

  • Edgar Tamayo Cascan, Field Applications Engineer at Oxbotica

    17th June 2020

    Edgar Tamayo Cascan, Field Applications Engineer at Oxbotica

    Proud Barceloní Edgar has travelled the world from Stockholm to Singapore in pursuit of his dream – to help develop driverless cars. Now, as a Field Applications Engineer, he gets to test the most advanced autonomous vehicles in Europe, helping revolutionise the future of mobility.

    Read more about what it takes to be out on the roads with Oxbotica putting the theory into practice and about how for Edgar, Universal Autonomy is a way of life.”

  • Ryan Smith, VP of Technology Solutions

    17th June 2020

    Ryan Smith, VP of Technology Solutions

    From Oxford, Ohio to Oxford, UK via Hawaii, Australia and Colorado, Ryan Smith is a true international worker. Now leading the cross-continent Oxbotica team, Ryan juggles time zone hopping, remote working, children and the small matter of delivering the vehicle of the future...

    Read more about Ryan’s role in the company, managing work across continents and how Oxbotica brings together the best international talent.

  • Tom Wilcox, Principal Engineer

    17th June 2020

    Tom Wilcox, Principal Engineer

    From a young age, Tom always knew he had a fascination with robots, how they move, and the transformative power they can have on the world. Learning about robotics from papers by Professor Newman, he had no idea that ten years later he would be joining his team to help the company scale and solve the impossible.

    Read more about Tom’s story below to learn about his achievements to date, how he juggles family life as a working parent, and why he thinks work is like eating ice cream and getting super-human strength.