Our Vision - Oxbotica

At Oxbotica, we are on a mission to make the Earth move. 

Safely and sustainably unleashing the benefits of self-driving technology to every person and every organisation on the planet.

The opportunity self-driving technology presents for organisations that have transportation in their value chain is profound. It has the power to radically improve business performance, by unlocking greater efficiency, sustainability, and safety benefits.

Goods delivery will be improved by autonomous vehicles, while towns and cities will be able to improve safety, affordability, and accessibility of mobility. In industrial sectors, the technology will revolutionise businesses, creating value through increased productivity, lower costs, more sustainable operations and higher value services.

We do all this, with the power of what we call Universal Autonomy: a single, unifying self driving technology platform, that is configurable to safely drive people and goods any time, and place, and in any vehicle.

We offer a complete autonomy solution whatever your needs. Click below to find our how we can help you unlock the benefits of autonomy.

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