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Universal Autonomy

  • Oxbotica’s scalable, modular software platform enables safe, secure and efficient autonomous operation of any vehicle, in any place, any time.

Our autonomy software stack is customisable, meaning our customers and partners can select the components best suited to their needs, technologies and vehicles today and for the future.

Oxbotica Driver

Oxbotica Driver is our full stack autonomy system — a low-energy, high-performance suite of interoperable on-vehicle software modules that work seamlessly with any sensor, vehicle or platform, delivering unparalleled flexibility for our customers and partners.

It integrates the full spectrum of AV functionality, including device drivers, mapping, obstacle detection, sensor perception, and prediction. Oxbotica Driver can operate accurately and safely even in the most challenging environments, without relying on infrastructure, GPS or HD mapping.


Oxbotica Cloud

Oxbotica Cloud seamlessly connects autonomous vehicles to our customers’ existing fleet management platforms, enabling them to integrate AV into their operations and harness its benefits—without replacing existing systems.

Oxbotica MetaDriver

Oxbotica MetaDriver dramatically reduces the time and cost of verification and validation, accelerating our customers’ route to safe and accurate AV functionality. By harnessing AI and onboard data to synthesize simulated scenarios with real-world driving miles, MetaDriver is capable of validating most of a customer’s environment without driving an actual vehicle in it.

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