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We are powered by our people.

At Oxbotica we take great pride in our team. We are creating a space where everyone is welcome, heard, and celebrated for their strengths. We’re driven by challenge and a commitment to make our employees’ experience as dynamic and rewarding as we can.

Together, as we build a global business, we are steered by our experience, insight of an entire team and guided by strong and approachable leadership.

We support a healthy work-life balance, offering flexible working and plenty of social engagements open to the whole team. We regularly share our vision, targets and company updates with everyone, including remote workers, because we believe that an engaged workforce is more productive and positive.

As we grow internationally our values and culture will be fundamental in keeping us on track and moving in the right direction. Our people embody these values. They trust us to provide strong leadership, a secure environment and opportunities for growth – we trust them to contribute their energy & expertise to move the business forward.

What our employees say...

  • "If there is a problem to solve, I acknowledge that I don’t know everything - and I don’t try to know everything. Instead, I surround myself with the best people. I canvass opinions from the experts - my team - and pick the answer that gets the job done."

  • “There is a real sense of community and a very healthy attitude towards things like flexible working. This honest environment encourages accountability and creates a safe space for opening up and asking questions.”

  • “The team is full of clever people. We embrace the challenge of scaling to a global company together”

  • “It's easy to have a say - everyone wants your opinion.”

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Join the brains behind the software that lets every vehicle do more.

Changing the way we move people and goods takes talent, dedication and a united team. Our rapidly growing company includes world-class engineers, technical leaders and commercial masterminds, who are tackling exciting challenges collaboratively and creatively every day.

We are developing technology that will touch on the operation of every industry across the globe. As a company we are working to create a safer future for both people and the planet. Our team members are people that share our values and drive to make an impact, as we create the future of autonomy.

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