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Unlocking Value Across Multiple Domains

  • Every day, Oxbotica is proving the value of open autonomous software in domains where there is immediate and urgent opportunity for AV capabilities, with our category-defining partners.

Developing a Level 4 self-driving system with ZF to deploy passenger shuttles operating 24/7 on fixed routes in major cities around the world.

Collaborating with Ocado Group on AV interfaces, including warehouse vehicles, last-mile delivery vehicles, and kerb-to-kitchen robots.


Deploying autonomy for bp in a variety of industrial domains including wind farms, solar farms, and refineries.

Integrating with Wenco’s fleet management system to develop an Open Autonomy solution within mining.


Oxbotica is enabling companies with transportation in their value chain to transform the entire economic, sustainability and safety metrics of their business.

From haul trucks to forklifts to specialized fleets, our solutions unlock the full potential of self-driving technology for any industrial vehicle, even in the most challenging environments. Integrating seamlessly into your existing technologies and systems, our software platform dramatically reduces the time and cost of ‘learning’ the routes, risks and conditions of your unique environment – putting you on the road to a safe, more efficient, and more productive future, faster.

People & Goods

Autonomy is changing the way people and goods move, forever.

In passenger shuttles, autonomous delivery pods and more, our autonomy software solutions are enabling a cleaner, safer, more accessible future for every person and every community on the planet.

Tested and proven in a wide array of vehicles, our versatile software performs reliably in the busiest cities and most complex environments, in rain and snow, at night and day — making roads safer for passengers and pedestrians.

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Wherever you are on your autonomy journey, Oxbotica is ready to help you unlock the benefits of self-driving technology in your business, today.

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