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On-road, people and goods

The way we move people and goods is changing.

From ride-sharing and shuttles, to trucks and public transport, we believe a revolution is coming. Our autonomy solutions are designed to create a cleaner, safer, more accessible future – helping afford people more freedom than ever before.

Our technology enables machines to robustly navigate, understand and act in any environment, without dependence on external infrastructure including GPS or lane markings. This approach makes our technology exceptionally flexible and uniquely positioned to provide autonomy solutions for remarkably varied vehicle platforms and domains – from bustling city streets to narrow country lanes.

We call this Universal Autonomy. 

The Autonomous Vehicle Deployment Report

Working with Imperial College London and Transport for London (TfL), we created the ‘SHIFT Autonomous Vehicle Deployment Report’.


It has identified the key challenges autonomous vehicles might face, such as coping with vehicle downtime, charging infrastructure, interaction with existing public transport, the optimal fleet size and reducing vehicle mileage by anticipating future demand.


Serving as a guide for autonomous fleet operators to adopt as they begin to deploy autonomy, it is available for download HERE.

Our autonomy software platform

For the last five years, our software has enabled a wide array of vehicles to be commercially tested in some of the busiest cities across Europe, Asia and North America – in rain and snow, at night and day, reliably, comfortably and safely.

If you share our vision for the future of mobility, our engagement model is to partner with you to integrate our software with your own products and services. 

We have built a software stack that is modular, enabling you to license – in whole or in part – wherever you believe it may complement or accelerate your own development.

This makes us the perfect on-road partner to help you to deploy at scale, wherever you are on your autonomy journey.