AXA XL reviews ongoing autonomy projects - Oxbotica

14th October 2019

AXA XL reviews ongoing autonomy projects

Risk, safety and insurance experts, AXA XL, recently visited Oxbotica’s headquarters for a progress report on the companies’ joint autonomy projects.

Their visit was part of Oxbotica and AXA’s four-year partnership aimed at delivering world-class risk management solutions for autonomy, as well as supporting the adoption of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology.

During the partnership, Oxbotica were delighted to provide crucial data to AXA’s team of industry-leading data scientists, while further expanding the company’s autonomy skillset. Discussing adoption strategies with AXA’s client base was also hugely beneficial and demonstrated the growing belief in autonomous technology.

AXA’s collaboration with Oxbotica has seen the development of a real-time risk model that enables a better understanding of how to improve overall system performance across a range of real-world conditions. The system has displayed the potential to radically transform how insurance and autonomous vehicles will work together in connected cities.

Of the progress, Jason Harris, Chief Executive of International Insurance at AXA XL, said: “We recognise the incredible impact this technology will have on society from creating safer working environments to providing mobility for those most in need. This collaboration has allowed us to gather data and develop the expertise needed to truly understand the challenges posed by autonomy and design insurance solutions for the risks associated with its applications.”

Oxbotica CEO, Ozgur Tohumcu, continued: “Our work with AXA so far has been hugely successful. By marrying our respective expertise, we’ve been able to successfully negotiate some huge technical challenges and move closer to proving the commercial viability of autonomous technology. We’re really excited to see what’s in store in the next chapter of our partnership.”

Additionally, Oxbotica and AXA have collaborated as part of the DRIVEN consortium – a 30-month project plan seeking to explore fundamental barriers to commercial deployment of autonomous vehicles – since April 2017. To date, the most complex CAV trial ever attempted has made a number of landmark achievements, including the deployment of level 4 autonomous vehicles around Oxford and London.

In 2018, both companies won the European Risk Management Emerging Risk initiative thanks to the unique integration of Risk, Safety and Insurance services with autonomous technology, helping to create safer roads and transport environments.

  • Greg Hendrick

    Greg Hendrick

    CEO of AXA XL