UK Tech firm Oxbotica accelerates away with launch of ground-breaking driverless vehicles software

Oxbotica, the award-winning Oxford-based technology company, is today (15th July 2016) launching its new Selenium mobile autonomy software solution with a purpose built concept vehicle at Culham Science Centre in Oxfordshire. 

Selenium can work in pedestrianised environments as well as roads and motorways, and is not reliant on GPS to operate – meaning it can easily transition between indoor and outdoor settings, over ground or underground. The system has been developed to be “vehicle agnostic” – meaning it can be applied to cars, self-driving pods (e.g. for campuses and airports), and warehouse truck fleets.

The software was developed by Oxbotica’s team of leading scientists, mathematicians and engineers in the UK and is able to provide any vehicle it is applied to with an awareness of where it is, what surrounds it and, with that knowledge in hand, how it should move to complete a task.

Selenium’s system uses patented algorithms that gives vehicles a next generation level of intelligence to autonomously perform a range of mobility tasks, including motion control, braking, calibration, navigation, static and dynamic obstacle detection.

Selenium is set to be deployed at a series of autonomy trials where Oxbotica is the sole supplier of autonomy software, including the £8 million GATEway project in Greenwich and the LUTZ Pathfinder self-driving pod project in Milton Keynes. The company is also working with manufacturers in a broad spectrum of mobile autonomy domains, driverless cars.

Commenting on Selenium’s launch, Dr Graeme Smith, Chief Executive of Oxbotica, said:

“Autonomous vehicles are the future and our new software is leading the field. Selenium represents the culmination of about 130 person years’ worth of work in mobile autonomy.”

“Selenium is an important chapter in the ever-changing story of autonomous vehicles. As a result of the team’s hard work on Selenium, our customers are able to take full advantage of the benefits on offer from this futuristic technology today rather than tomorrow.”

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2)     About Oxbotica

Oxbotica is a UK technology company with a focus on mobile robotics and autonomous systems for use across a broad range of industries.

The company, a spin-off of Oxford University’s Mobile Robotics Group, was founded by two Oxford professors, Paul Newman and Ingmar Posner, and is led by Chief Executive Dr Graeme Smith – an automotive veteran with substantial start-up experience in connected and autonomous vehicles.

In 2015, Oxbotica was recognised last year as one of the “Top 10 Tech Companies to Watch” in the Wall Street Journal.

In 2016, Oxbotica won the prestigious Frist & Sullivan “Leaders in Autonomy Software 2016.”

Oxbotica works with autonomous pods, mining equipment, agricultural equipment, boats, trains, and robots that can work in hazardous environments such as nuclear plants. The company works with a wide variety of companies such as those that supply systems to the motor industry as well as vehicle makers themselves.

Oxbotica has over 70 modular pieces of mobile autonomy related IP which range from patents, to software, to “know how” which can be integrated into customers’ products and applications to enable end-to-end autonomy solutions.

3)     Further information about Selenium

Selenium was launched on the 15th July 2016 at Culham Science Centre, Oxfordshire.

To showcase the software’s capabilities, Oxbotica commissioned a purpose built vehicle called Geni.

To learn more about Selenium and its technical features, please click on this link: