Oxbotica named in Top 10 Tech Companies to watch in 2015

The Wall Street Journal

More good news as Oxbotica finds itself in the Wall Street Journal’s Top 10 Tech Companies to watch in 2015…

9. Oxbotica: Spun out of Oxford University’s Mobile Robotics Group only three months ago, British startup Oxbotica may be one of the few companies in the world to rival Google in driverless cars. The company is working on robotics and autonomous systems. Dr. Graeme Smith, Oxbotica CEO, says his company builds 3-D maps of cities with sensors and cameras through which autonomous systems can navigate their environment. Oxbotica is sitting on some 40 different intellectual property patents from Oxford University to which it has exclusive world-wide license, and it is trying to commercialize those patents. The company is currently talking to car manufacturers, surveying firms, logistics firms, warehouse companies, civil engineering and building firms, and even games companies.


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