Dev-Ops Engineer Job Description

We are looking for an energetic development and operations software engineer to join Oxbotica. We need experienced software engineering professionals to support our software development and code deployment for a heterogeneous set of autonomous platforms and vehicles. This role will help accelerate and streamline our processes, ensuring software deployment is easy, safe, and reliable. It is expected that this will require automated builds, testing, and deployment (continuous integration), but will also include data management for future automated certification.

It is also desirable that in this role, web operations could be supported. This would include application deployment, management, maintenance, configuration, and repair – both for internal and external facing sites.

As a member of our fast-paced team, you will have the opportunity to work with world-class experts in the field of robotics and machine learning.  You will be responsible both for supporting the latest research into real autonomous systems, and tailoring and supporting solutions for customers from our current suite of competencies.  This is a fantastic opportunity to join one of the UK’s premier start-ups focusing on an amazing, fast moving area of technology. We are looking for people who can come and make a contribution to the company, our culture, the science and our customers.

Key Tasks

  • Support software development to deliver quality code through efficient processes and maintenance of  our infrastructure & tools.
  • Enable Oxbotica to test early and test often by developing and maintaining our software deployment and configuration management solution. Every vehicle is different.
  • Help develop any supporting tools (frontend or backend) that makes testing and delivering good software easier and faster.
  • Work closely with other members of the team on data management.

Detailed Tasks

  • Responsible for maintaining Oxbotica’s automated build and test servers (including nightly builds, unit testing, coverage testing).
  • Responsible for developing a code deployment solution for our fleet of heterogeneous vehicles.
  • Responsible for maintaining Oxbotica’s cloud-based services, including live vehicle status monitoring and offline data analysis.

Qualifications, Training and Experience


  • You seek to minimise duplication, are passionate about best practices, and love automated processes backed up by good documentation
  • Experience with systems administration and scripting (*nix, Python preferred)
  • Experience with automated build systems and testing (git, CMake, CDash, etc.)
  • Experience with continuous integration (Jenkins, Team City, Travis, etc.)
  • Experience with configuration management software (SaltStack, Puppet, Ansible, etc.)
  • Experience with virtualisation and cloud based infrastructure (vagrant, AWS, Azure, etc.)


  • Strong C++ ability
  • Experience with front-end web development (javascript, html5, …)
  • Experience with containerisation (Docker, kubernetes, etc.)
  • Knowledge of software testing types (functional, security, performance, etc.)
  • Knowledge of industry-standard security and Q&A practices
  • Active and up to date profiles on github & stackoverflow

Interested?  Please apply by telling us how you’d fit, plus a bit about your background & experience and why we would be nuts not to hire you: